Why are Videos Powerful?


Unleashing the Power of Videos

Authentic videos offer multiple benefits. Several research studies have shown that videos can make a long-lasting impact. They can lead to higher engagement and deliver your message very effectively to your target audience. According to a report, videos increase content sharing by as much as 1,200%. Now that’s an interesting number, isn’t it?

Let’s have a look at some of the (specific) benefits of creating videos for your project requirements.

YouTube videos for your business: According to an Alexa.com report, YouTube is the second most searched platform, second only to Google. Anything ranging from household fixes to the more intricate biochemical reaction mechanisms can be effectively depicted using YouTube videos. YouTube’s constantly evolving algorithm ensures that only the most authentic content gets presented to viewers on the first one or two search pages. Businesses that want prospective clients to know more about their products or services have started heavily relying on YouTube for their marketing and sales requirements. Most of the top-performing multinational companies have significant (organic and advertisement-based) presence on YouTube. Besides, there are thousands of content creators (formerly known as “YouTube partners”) who are earning advertisement-based revenue from their home-made (or professionally created) YouTube videos. Do check out some of our popular videos today. Our YouTube videos have received millions of views from thousands of our global viewers and subscribers.

Videos for workshops/conferences: Are you an event organizer? Does your team look forward to getting more registrations for an upcoming event? We have got you covered. We make call-to-action-based videos that can bring in the desired results. It is a known fact that getting enough registrations for any event is usually an uphill task. Most event organizers do not have sufficient time, training, or bandwidth to handle event promotions. However, this task can be significantly facilitated by creating powerful videos highlighting the benefits of attending highly specialized training workshops and conferences.

Videos for research promotion/journal abstracts: At present, some of the world’s most prestigious journal publishers (Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, and Cell Press just to name a few) have started asking researchers to submit video abstracts along with their manuscripts. The whole point of creating a video abstract/research promotion video is to effectively convey the central theme of your research publication to your target audience using a variety of engaging content presentation techniques (storytelling, voice-over, slide transitions, and copyright-free music just to name a few). At Videonium, we create videos that are not only authentic, but also engaging and impactful. When you ask us to create a video abstract/research promotion video for you, our team of dedicated researchers carefully reviews your research and ensures compliance with the stated requirements. A professionally created video abstract (or research promotion video) can help you get more visibility (and effectively more citations) using legitimate techniques. So why not give it a shot? Did you check out some of the research updates from top-ranking universities?

Videos for job postings: Including video clips (describing your business) alongside existing job posts elicits a more specific and targeted response from a pool of highly qualified job applicants who are really interested in learning more about your company’s offerings. At Videonium, we make custom “JobClips” featuring the key highlights of your business to ensure applicant engagement. We strictly adhere to professional ethics and do not oversell. We only make a very honest and truthful representation of your unique selling points (USPs). Make sure you check out some of our YouTube videos today!

Videos have several more applications, but we just wanted to showcase a few to effectively communicate our overall thought process to you.

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