We make custom HD videos/creatives for YouTube/LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, event promotions (conferences/workshops/seminars), websites, businesses, job postings, video abstracts, résumés, and more. Questions? Need videos/creatives for something else? No problem! Just click here to get in touch with us for custom orders (with custom pricing). Please review our pricing list below and place your first order today.

Videos for Content Marketing

Videonium Platinum

One professional-grade HD video (for absolutely any purpose) | Duration: 120 s | Text-based descriptions/captions | Professional voice-over | Animation | Copyright-free music | Any desired format (.mp4, .mov, etc.) | Commercial rights | Delivery within 24 h


Videonium Cartoons

One professional-grade cartoon | High resolution image | Business logo | Any desired format (.png, .jpg, etc.) | Commercial rights | Delivery within 24 h


Videonium JobClips

One professional-grade (EEOC-compliant) HD video summarizing your professional achievements/work experience/company profile/company job posting | Duration: 60 s | Text-based descriptions/captions | Any desired format (.mp4, .mov, etc.) | Copyright-free music | Animation | Commercial rights | Delivery within 24 h | Bonus: FREE professional voice-over



Videonium Channel Review

YouTube channel review (Videonium will thoroughly review your channel and share important feedback) | Detailed feedback on video content, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, playlists, endscreens, cards, channel art, etc. | Useful information on how to monetize videos with copyright-free music, stock footage videos, HD animations, voice-overs, etc. | Ideas for boosting your YouTube income | Ideas for expanding your YouTube channel | Additional tips on the following: How to buy the right software/equipment for your channel (music creation software, video editing software, VFX software, green screen, 720p/1080p HD cameras, FREE software programs, etc.), how to avoid copyright-related issues and maintain content originality, how to use YouTube for marketing your product/service/event, how to use Google Adwords to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos/business, how to sell your merchandise (T-shirts, music, books, etc.) with your YouTube channel, etc. | Strategies for viral video creation with real-life examples | Question and answer session (LIVE 40-minute-long chat)