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Gorgeous 4k Nature Videos for Relaxation

4K Relaxation Channel” | Scenic Videos & Soft Music


4K Relaxation Channel has posted a large number beautiful nature videos to its popular YouTube channel. As of Dec. 2018, this truly fantastic channel has attracted the attention of over 260,000 subscribers and received more than 61 million video views from its 450+ videos. 

4K Relaxation Channel’s most popular upload (embedded below) has received over 9.3 million views and more than 19,000 likes till date. According to the channel creator(s), 4K Relaxation Channel’s stunning videos and gentle music provide relaxation to its viewers. These videos are absolutely ideal for inducing sleep, healing, and stress relief. 


As of now, the top 10 most popular videos on this scenery channel include those featuring African wild life, the Hoh rain forest, Mount Rainier, Grand Teton National Park, Croatia, Yellowstone National Park, etc. Make sure you subscribe to this wonderful YouTube channel today!