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Antibiotic Resistance, Brain Stimulation, & Cancer Therapy

Research Updates


Interesting scientific discoveries and inventions from around the world. Interested in knowing more about the latest research trends in science, technology, and other disciplines? Check out Videonium’s authentic research updates on a regular basis. We post research updates from various areas including but not limited to chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, technology, space, neuroscience, biotechnology, computer science, etc.

Updates from February 2019

The DNA sequencing of 40 Arctic soil samples has led to the discovery of 131 antibiotic-resistant genes:

Study shows for the first time how patients undergoing awake surgery could benefit from happiness-inducing brain stimulation:

Novel photodynamic cancer therapy:

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Mendeley Desktop: Manage References in Style

Managing References


An easy-to-follow animated tutorial on Mendeley Desktop. Insert citations quickly and update your reference list rapidly with this FREE reference manager. Please watch this video in the full-screen mode (and at 720p). Working on your research manuscript, Ph.D. thesis, grant application, or project proposal? You will save a lot of time if you use Mendeley Desktop for your citation requirements. You can choose various citation styles and can insert the in-text citations in real time, i.e. while you are still working on your research document. Thanks for watching and do subscribe for more such videos.


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Interesting educational videos for STEM researchers! इन्हें अपने दोस्तों के साथ जरूर शेयर कीजिये..

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Top Tips for Harvard PhD programs

How to Get into Harvard with Full Funding


Apart from getting good grades and GRE scores, here’s what you can do to virtually guarantee an admission offer from a decent PhD program (with full funding)!

  • Get some legitimate research experience under your belt.
  • Professors prefer recruiting graduate students with decent research experience.
  • Publish in journals with a Thomson Reuters impact factor or SCImago journal ranking, even before getting admitted to a PhD program.
  • A legitimate first-author publication in a good journal is guaranteed to impress the admissions committee.
  • Request reference letters from referees who themselves have decent publications.
  • Work with researchers whose reference letters can make a difference.
  • Professors abroad cross-check the publications of the applicant’s referees as well.
  • Conduct your pre-PhD research at premier research institutes.
  • Get trained on sophisticated research equipment that is currently in huge demand.
  • Get some relevant industry experience if possible.
  • Get advanced training in literature survey, research methodology, manuscript submission/grant writing, and mention it in your CV/SOP.
  • Write a powerful statement of purpose that clearly shows how your research experience makes you a highly eligible PhD candidate (without sounding too boastful).
  • Organize research events such as seminars and workshops, with help from your mentors. This shows initiative.
  • Compete with your peers and try getting an award in research-related competitions. This will showcase your competitive side to the admissions committee.
  • Do your homework and identify at least a few Professors with whom you would like to work, if offered an admission letter.
  • Go through their important research publications and try to understand their work. Have your questions ready for them.
  • However, do not commit yourself to any Professor before finishing your lab. rotations. Otherwise, you may get stuck with a weird/creepy Professor, who might waste your precious time and create hurdles for you.
  • Finally, keep yourself updated with the latest research in your field.

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What Cannot Be Patented in India (हिंदी)

Not Patentable in India


क्या आप भारत में patent फाइल करना चाहते हो? तो फिर हमारा विडियो जरूर देखिये! in order to be able to file a patent application successfully in India, you must also know something about what is not patentable in India.

What cannot be patented in India (as of August 2017):

  • Frivolous or unnatural inventions (e.g., a process to delay sunrise!).
  • A potentially harmful invention (e.g., a product that facilitates copying during exams).
  • Discovery of a scientific principle (e.g., Kapoor’s sixth law).
  • The mere discovery of the new form of a known substance.
  • A substance obtained by mere admixture.
  • Mere re-arrangement of known devices (e.g., a cell phone wrapped in a cotton fabric).
  • Agricultural or horticultural methods.
  • Any medical or surgical treatment procedure.
  • Plants or animals in whole or part thereof.
  • Mathematical methods, business methods, and certain computer programs (this has been debated extensively in recent years!).
  • Certain forms of literary and artistic creations.
  • Mental acts, processes for playing games, etc.
  • Presentation of information.
  • Topography of integrated circuits.
  • Traditional knowledge.

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भूत: ३१ फरवरी की रात का.. (हिंदी Ghost)

The Ghost on the Lonely Road


ये उन दिनोंकी बात हैं, जब मैं university में पढ़ रहा था; तकरीबन, १५ साल पाहिले की.. मैं आज भी university में पढ़ रहा हूँ.. उम्मीद हैं, की आगे भी पढता रहूँगा.. तकरीबन ३५ साल पहिले, यानेकी ३१ फरवरी १९५० की रात, मैं और मेरे मित्र, एक लंबी trip पर जानेकी सोच रहें थें.. से एक टूटी हुईं गाड़ी 35% discount पर rent करके, हम trip पर finally निकल पड़े.. जैसे ही मैंने गाडी start की, पीछेसे एक अजीबसी आवाज आयी.. वह आवाज किस चीज की थी, ये हमें आजतक पता नहीं चला हैं.. उम्मीद हैं की आगे भी पता नहीं चलेगा.. मेरे एक दोस्त के अनुसार, वह चौका देनीवाली आवाज, car के engine की थी……. गाडी start करके हम निकले.. लगबग 4 घंटे बाद, हम एक सुनसान रास्तेपर पहुँच गयें.. सड़क पर ना कोई light, ना कोई road divider… उसी वक़्त, मेरे friend ने मुझे बताया, की हम….. toothpaste लेना भूल गयें थें… गाडी में, एकदम अचानक, डर का माहोल फ़ैल गया…… accelerator पर तुरंत पर पाव रखकर, गाडी को 40 km/h की रफ़्तार से, मैं दक्षिण दिशा की ओर ले जाने लगा…….. तकरीबन १७ घंटें बाद, हम एक भयानक जंगल के किनारे पहुँच गयें…. सभी दोस्तोंने अपने smartphones पर WhatsApp messages चेक कियें…..क्यूंकि जंगले में network जाने का डर था…..

एक minute हाँ.. जरा पानी पी लेता हूँ; story बताते बताते, गला सूख गया.. हां.. अब ठीक हैं…

जंगल में entry मारते ही, गाडी का engine गरम हो गया और side view mirror से सफ़ेद smoke निकलने लगा… उसी वक़्त, नदिया किनारे बैठी एक औरत, हाथ में एक अजीबसी चीज लेकर, हमारी ओर बढ़ने लगी…. मैंने गाडी को reverse gear में डाल दिया….. लेकिन उसी वक़्त, मेरे मित्र ने मुझे गाडी रोकने को कहा… मैंने उसको वजह पूछी, तो उसने मुझे कहा, की उसे कुछ छुट्टे पैसे चाहिए थे… सामने वाली भयानक औरत हमारे गाडी के पास आकर खड़ी हो गयी…. उसी वक़्त, मेरे मित्र ने मेरे जेब से १०० रु. की नोट निकाली, और उस औरत को देकर बोला, “माफ़ करना भयानक चाचीजी, लेकिन, क्या आपके पास १०० रु. के छुट्टे मिलेंगे?” इस पर वह भयानक औरत बोली, “मैं आप जैसें clueless मुसाफिरों से 20% कमिशन लेकर, छुट्टे पैसे देती हूँ… but I only accept Visa or Mastercard!”

भयानक औरत से ८० रु. का चिल्लर लेकर हम तुरंत जंगले वाले होटल की तरफ निकल पड़ें… लेकिन होटल पहुचते ही, हमें एक बहुत बड़ा notice board दिखाई दिया….उस notice board पर लिखा था.. “Hotel closed for renovation.”

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How to Make Money on YouTube

Earning Money on YouTube


Would you like to start earning money on YouTube? YouTube Partnership Program workshop (Feb. 2, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon IST | Venue to be decided soon) organized by a Google-Certified YouTube Partner whose channel has received 6 million+ (over 60 lakh) video views.

• Hurry! Limited seats available
• FREE tea, snacks, Q&A, and lunch included
• Speaker has work experience in the U.S. and in a Indian MNC

Workshop Topics

Videonium’s channel on YouTube received the following Google certificate on Nov. 28, 2018 (ID: 24937869). According to the Google certificate, Videonium’s Channel knows the basics of how Google’s video solutions can help accomplish its brand marketing objectives. We will share authentic information with you. The following topics will be covered during this training event:

• YouTube’s Partner Program: What is it about?
• Who can become a YouTube Partner? (Hint: Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and housewives: Are you listening?)
• How several YouTube partners are earning $1,000+ per month.
• Tips on how anyone with access to a computer can start earning money on YouTube (even without buying an HD camera).
• Real-life examples of successful YouTube Partners from India and abroad.
• How to create popular YouTube videos that can fetch 1 million+ views (we will share brand new ideas with you).
• How to buy the right software/equipment for your YouTube channel.
• Definitions in the world of YouTube: Adsense, Adwords, 1080p, monetization, revenue sharing, content ID, copyright, fair use, etc.
• Tips on how to avoid copyright-related issues and how to maintain content originality.
• How to use YouTube for marketing your product/service/event.
• How to use Google Adwords to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos/business (bonus).
• How to sell your merchandise (T-shirts, music, books, etc.) with YouTube.
• How to design banners/thumbnails and create art for your YouTube channel.
• How to get thousands of subscribers on YouTube.
• Last but not least, how to earn in dollars with your YouTube videos.

Question: Who should attend this workshop?
Answer: College students, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs, housewives, and everyone else looking forward to earning extra income on YouTube MUST attend this special Mumbai workshop.

Question: What kind of YouTube videos can I earn money from?
Answer: “How to” tutorials, comedy videos, original music, choreography, cooking, scenic videos, short films, animations, etc.). The possibilities are endless. The only rule is that the video content should be original and of decent quality.

Question: Why is YouTube such a powerful platform?
Answer: YouTube has over a billion users! Interestingly, 1 in 3 people on the internet watches YouTube on a regular basis. YouTube has more reach than TV, radio, or any other known broadcasting medium. In the U.S., YouTube reaches more young adults than any cable television channel (according to a recent survey).

Question: Why should I attend this training event?
Answer: A recent survey reveals that YouTube is growing at an alarming rate. It is currently the world’s second most searched platform. YouTube also gives video creators an opportunity to earn some money from legitimate videos. Thousands of YouTube partners are currently earning millions of dollars every year. By attending this training event, you will learn more about this truly fantastic regular/extra income opportunity.

Why Us?

• Monetized YouTube channel with over 6,500 subscribers
• Over 6 million (60 lakh or 0.6 crore) views from across geographies
• More than 275 videos on various topics
• End-to-end video production expertise
• Relevant industry (MNC) experience in content marketing and SEO

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How Cola Drinks Harm Us | कोला पीने कें दुष्परिणाम

How Soft Drinks Kill Slowly


Coke, Sprite, Fanta, और Pepsi जैसें carbonated soft drinks regularly पीनेसे, आपकें शरीर को भारी नुकसान पहुँच सकता है|

आज मैं आपको कुछ ऐसीं बातें बताने जा रहा हूँ, जिससे, आपकें होश उड़ सकते हैं!

किसी भी soft drink के can में, on an average, १० teaspoon शक्कर मौजूद होती हैं| Published biomedical research के अनुसार, इतनी भारी मात्रा में शक्कर का सेवन regularly करनेसे, शरीर type-2 diabetes जैसी खतरनाक बीमारी का शिकार हो सकता हैं| Soft drinks में मिलाया गया phosphoric acid (जिससे drinks का pH 2.5, या उससे भी नीचे जा सकता है), आपकें bones को निकम्मा बनाकर, उनमें osteoporosis जैसीं गंदी बीमारी पैदा कर सकता हैं| यही phosphoric acid आपकें दातों का protective enamel coating आसानी से destroy करके उनमें dental cavities पैदा कर सकता है| Soft drinks में मिलाया गया caffeine एक ऐसा शक्तिशाली (psychoactive) compound है, जो आपके brain receptors को permanently alter करने की क्षमता रखता है! Diet soda में इस्तेमाल कियें जानेवालें aspartame, sachharine, इत्यादि artifical sweeteners, published scientific research के अनुसार, cancer या ह्रदयरोग की बीमारी पैदा कर सकतें हैं!

In summary, soft drinks के regular सेवन से आपका शरीर पूरी तरह से कमजोर बन सकता हैं, और आपको मौत का बुलावा जल्दी आ सकता हैं! Let us stop drinking these extremely poisonous toxins immediately. जय हिंद!

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