Astronomers to Send Submarine to Titan

The solar system consists of the sun, earth, several other planets, and their respective satellites. Life exists only on planet earth. However, space scientists and astrobiologists tend to believe that life may in fact exist on other planets or their satellites. The distance between the earth and Saturn keeps changing. However, when the two planets are closest to each other, this distance is approximately 1.2 billion kilometers. Saturn’s satellite Titan presents an interesting scenario. Astronomers have detected water as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on Titan. Besides these, it also harbors organic molecules such as liquid methane and ethane. Whether or not life can exist under these conditions on Titan remains to be seen. For this very reason, space scientists are planning to send a submarine to explore the vast seas of Titan. Who knows? Some extremely bizarre life forms that can easily survive in liquid methane or ethane may in fact exist on this mysterious satellite. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and let’s hope to find interesting life forms on Titan. I can hardly wait. How about you?

#Saturn #astronomy #astrobiology

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