Google Offering 100,000 Scholarships for e-courses

Wish to earn an online Google certificate for successfully finishing coursework in three high-demand technology areas, viz. data analytics, project management, and user experience, or UX design? Google is currently offering 100,000 scholarships to successful applicants. Planning to apply for a job at Google? Sure. Google will treat these online certificates as the equivalent of a 4-year degree course. Isn’t that fantastic? But wait, here’s something more for you… Data Analysts, earn an average annual salary, of over $60,000, Project Managers, over $90,000, and UX Designers, over $70,000. These online courses have been developed by Google, in collaboration with Coursera, a popular e-learning platform. There are no eligibility criteria, whatsoever. Absolutely anybody, with a desire to learn diligently, may apply online for these, need-based Google scholarships. So make sure you apply, before your competitor does the same. Hurry! Visit Coursera for further details. Check out the links below.


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