What’s a Partial Penumbral Lunar Eclipse?

Enjoy gazing at the sky? Videonium likes it too. Make sure you subscribe to Videonium for more such videos. Are you in love with the moon? Yup, I knew it. Watching lunar eclipses is an extremely enjoyable activity for many. So today, let’s see, what exactly happens during a lunar eclipse. When the moon, the earth, and the sun are perfectly aligned as shown in this illustration, we experience a total lunar eclipse. When this alignment is not perfect, we get to see a full moon partial penumbral lunar eclipse. So go ahead and enjoy watching the lunar eclipse this weekend. By the way, galactic events like the one on the fourth of July are greener and more eco-friendly than the fireworks displays on planet earth. Hit the like button if you enjoyed watching this video and make sure you click on the NASA link in the description below. https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/1328/july-2020-the-next-full-moon-is-the-buck-moon/

#universe #eclipse #astronomy

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