Sun Lockdown in 2020?

Is the Sun going into a lockdown? It is, according to astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips. Make sure you check out the link in the description below. But then, does it mean that we will be seeing lots of famines, droughts, and freezing temperatures? Do we need to start worrying? Is it going to snow heavily during the summer? No, not really! NASA has not made any official announcement as of now. So what exactly is happening on the surface of the Sun? Well, let’s go over it real quick. Dr. Tony Phillips, a professional astronomer, has pointed out that the sun’s magnetic field has decreased in strength, which means that more cosmic rays will be entering the solar system. This can adversely affect the electrochemistry of the earth’s upper atmosphere and it poses a huge health risk to astronomers. The number of sunspots has decreased dramatically in the year 2020. But there’s really nothing to worry about, according to NASA. This happening is not new at all, and no, the world is definitely NOT ending. We are basically heading towards a minimum in the 11-year solar cycle. At the most, what will happen is that the decrease in temperature will simply offset the increase caused by human activity in recent years. So don’t worry guys, the Sun is not going on a lockdown anytime soon. So relax, exercise, sleep well, eat well, and #staysafe. See you later.


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