Top 21 Resume Tips for Interview Success

Applying for a job? Then make sure check out these fantastic CV/resume tips.

Video transcript:

1. Double check your contact details.

2. Align resume with the job description.

3. Use good fonts such as Calibri (avoid using funny fonts such as Comic Sans).

4. Avoid including photos, gender, or anything silly.

5. Use action verbs (created, boosted, published, etc.)

6. Avoid overused terms (e.g., “team player”).

7. Avoid flowery language (e.g., “amazing leader”)

8. Throw in numbers to highlight achievements.

9. Format smartly (e.g., use periods or don’t use them but don’t do both!).

10. Include hard skills and demonstrate soft skills.

11. Market yourself well by using actual examples.

12. Use the reverse chronological order.

13. Be active on LinkedIn and include your profile link.

14. Refer to some professional-looking resume/CV templates.

15. Use your full name to name your .pdf file.

16. Use big names (e.g., interned at Google) wherever possible.

17. Use the right set of industry-specific keywords.

18. Use the top 33% of your resume diligently.

19. Keep updating your resume from time to time.

20. Use ATS-friendly section headings (ATS: applicant tracking system).

21. Hire a technical editor or use platforms/software programs such as Grammarly for proofreading.

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