Top 10 Interview Tips for Job Applicants

Looking for a job? Need help with campus placement? Preparing for your interview? Check out these video-based tips today.

Video transcript:

  1. Open a LinkedIn account and start posting smart content. Do some research before posting anything, otherwise you may end up looking stupid. On LinkedIn, engage with posts and articles related to your field.
  2. Engage and network with industry professionals on LinkedIn. Just don’t bug or annoy them. For example, Anthony James posts a lot of fantastic invention-related updates. Keep checking them and add intelligent comments below posts that you like.
  3. Before any corporate interview, go to the company’s website and do your homework. Find out what they are doing.
  4. Be prepared to answer not just technical questions, but also some questions based on some real-life scenarios; rarely, even puzzles. You need to study your core subjects really well before any interview! That’s for sure.
  5. During job interviews, make sure you ask some meaningful questions towards the end. If you have read something about what the company is doing, you will be able to ask smart questions.
  6. If you do not understand a question, ask for clarification. Try to answer intelligently, but NEVER bluff! If you do not know the answer, say something meaningful and then say that you do not really know the answer OR say that you would like to learn more about it.
  7. Dress professionally for your interview, but do not wear something that people will remember really well. So don’t worry too much about your attire. Please understand that what you say is more important than what you wear or how you “look” (by the way, nobody cares about how you “look”). Moreover, HR pros do not expect you to dress like industry professionals on the interview day. Just be decent (old clothes are perfectly ok; just iron them) but make sure you don’t wear trendy T-shirts and fashionable shorts EVER to an interview. Period. Long story short, the interview panel really cares most about your intellectual capability and nothing else. Communicate smartly and you will get any job you want!
  8. Before any interview, you need to groom yourself really well. Special tip: Don’t apply strong perfumes. Just maintain some basic hygiene and apply a regular deo.
  9. Reach on time, maintain good posture, do not feel nervous, have your resume or CV ready with you, and be polite. Before any interview, learn what’s a good handshake.
  10. Search online for more such interview tips and prepare well for your interview! If you work hard for your interview, you will always feel very motivated and confident. All the best and go get that job! It’s reserved for smart and confident people like you! 🙂

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