How To Get 1 Million Instagram Followers

We will only be focusing on legitimate techniques. Looking for illegal hacks? We won’t be recommending any. Our top recommendation would be to identify a niche for your Insta. Make sure it’s sustainable. Make sure you don’t run out of ideas. Here’s a real-life example: Just visit @seblester on Instagram. He videos the process of art creation and posts it to his Instagram page. He currently has over 1 million followers. Do some A/B testing by trying out variations. Photos triggering positive emotions generally do well. Make sure you maintain a good engagement ratio. Include a “CTA” (call to action) by asking viewers to like, comment, share, follow, etc. Social media research suggests that a CTA boosts user engagement significantly. Narrate beautiful stories and draft engaging photo captions. Post stories almost every single day and create attractive highlights. Make sure all of your photos follow a signature style/theme. Give a huge boost to engagement, by replying to comments consistently. In other words, try replying to as many comments as possible. Just make sure you sound personalized and not excessively redundant. Use Iconosquare to find out what’s the best time for Insta posting. Write a compelling bio and include a link to your website or other handle. Use websites such as to identify popular hashtags. Don’t include hashtags in your caption (your competitors will see them). Instead, add hashtags to a comment. Do shoutouts, giveaways, loops, and organize contests consistently. Rope in some influencers and pay them for promoting your handle. Last, but not the least, sign up for some online courework on Udemy, Coursera, or other legitimate e-learning platforms to learn more about the latest Instagram techniques. Make sure you check out the links in the accompanying text. Enjoy your Instagram journey!

Useful resources for Instagram:

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