TED Talks in 2 Min. | E-Depression

An insightful video on why our screens (smartphones, laptops, etc.) make us feel miserable.

Video transcript: Why do screens make us miserable? Here’s the key reason: Zero “stopping cues.” A stopping cue tells us when to stop. Non-screen activities have stopping cues. But social media has infinite feeds and scrolls. In 2017, we spent 200% more time online than we did in 2007. We are now addicted to our screens. Visit any restaurant. You will notice that people type more and talk less. Teens study less and watch more p0rn. Adults use it for meaningless chatter. People make and break relationships on social media. Isn’t that hilarious? We get depressed after getting fewer likes. At musical concerts, we digitally document. While on vacation, we post. We feel haunted by the fear of being left out. Clearing notifications helps us relax. We need to end this. Sooner the better! The fix is really easy. Use social media for a short duration every day. Stay away from screens while having, food, bath, or sex. Sounds funny? It ain’t! Don’t treat the screen as a part of your body. Spend more time on meaningful activities. This will make you happy.

Based on the following 2 TED Talks:

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