Top 125 YouTube Channel Ideas

Are you looking forward to launching your own YouTube channel? Would you like to start making money with your Youtube videos? Make sure you go through this list. Presenting the Top 125 YouTube Channel Ideas!

  1. “How to” videos: Currently in huge demand.
  2. Funny videos: Make people laugh and do it regularly.
  3. Screen recordings: Show software demos.
  4. Funny pet videos: Who doesn’t love pets?
  5. Videos of kids: Babies and toddlers are so funny.
  6. Product reviews: Buyers search for these before making any purchase.
  7. Service reviews: Make sure you comment on the quality of service rendered to you.
  8. Hotel reviews: Travel, stay, and comment.
  9. App reviews: Highlights the pros and cons.
  10. Travel channel: Videos of exotic places.
  11. Art and craft: Teach people new stuff.
  12. Makeup tutorials: People love these.
  13. Fitness videos: People nowadays wish to remain healthy through regular (daily) exercise.
  14. Opinion videos: Share legitimate opinions.
  15. Parody videos: Legitimate fun for all.
  16. Sing a song: If you have the voice.
  17. Musical instruments: Play well and get likes.
  18. Movie reviews: It’s popcorn time.
  19. Gaming videos: We all love these.
  20. How to dress up: People need help when they attend parties/concerts or go for job interviews.
  21. Video a great hobby: Love making videos? Teach it to others.
  22. Talk to the camera: Connect with people through your video camera.
  23. Vlog regularly: Broadcast interesting stuff. Make sure you give people what they like and not what you want.
  24. Reveal magic tricks: People immediately share these videos on social media.
  25. Haul videos: Showcase hot purchases. These videos are in big demand these days, thanks to Instagram.
  26. Educational videos: YouTube as a teacher. A teacher with 24-hour access.
  27. Highlight career options: Help students and parents. Be their mentor.
  28. Historical facts: What happened and when?
  29. Scitech facts: Stock footage helps. Make sure the facts are right.
  30. Scientific principles: Speak authoritatively on topics of interest to the YouTube community.
  31. Old discoveries & inventions: For budding scientists and engineers.
  32. Latest research updates: Videos for smart people who love seeing research updates that matter.
  33. Latest patents: IPR protection, infringement, lawsuits, and more.
  34. Interviews with college kids: Naughty talks with the 18+ crowd from various colleges. Which boy/girl doesn’t enjoy dirty talk? They all do, but most pretend.
  35. Interviews with experts: Share authentic information
  36. Corporate tips: Management, teamwork, etc.
  37. Tips for homemakers: What, how, and when?
  38. Tips for students: Healthy competition is good. It brings in quality for sure.
  39. Smart tips for all: Who doesn’t like intelligent tips?
  40. Mukbang video: Vicarious food consumption to avoid accumulating calories.
  41. Cooking video: Share new recipes with your target audience.
  42. Healthy eating: Your viewers need to know what’s good and what’s not.
  43. Lifestyle suggestions: Prevent diseases with timely intervention.
  44. Drone footage: Beautiful aerial videos.
  45. True or false videos: Highly engaging content.
  46. Social media platforms: Latest updates.
  47. Latest fashion trends: We all secretly like fashion.
  48. Showcase great events: Music, dance, and more.
  49. Amazing conferences: Tell people about various upcoming conferences.
  50. Great workshops and webinars: People like learning new stuff.
  51. Review amazing gadgets: People like to check out trustworthy reviews before buying gadgets.
  52. Highlight the latest technology: Have you seen Adam Danyal’s tech review videos on LinkedIn?
  53. Organize Q&A sessions: People keep surfing the web for legitimate answers.
  54. Make bizarre videos: People like seeing something odd/surprising, as long as it is not disgusting or illegal.
  55. Create engaging cartoons: Use Drag and drop (cloud-based) software programs or programs for animating characters from scratch.
  56. Create riddles: People love intellectual stimulation.
  57. Explain concepts with Whiteboard animations.
  58. Health & beauty tips: Share legitimate research-based tips.
  59. Top 10 lists: Any topic under the sky is good for list-based videos.
  60. Talk on controversial topics: Present intelligent viewpoints only.
  61. Grey area talk: Neither wrong nor right.
  62. Make ghost videos: Ghosts do not exist, but ghost videos are absolutely entertaining.
  63. Make POV videos: Go to theme parks or do some biking/mountaineering/skiing.
  64. Regular sports: Exercise to stay healthy.
  65. Adventure sports: For people who enjoy thrills.
  66. Slow-motion videos: Check out SloMo guys.
  67. Motion capture videos: MysteryGuitarMan style!
  68. Celebrity videos: Videos of famous peeps.
  69. Dating and romance: Tips for teenagers.
  70. Marriage counseling: Tips for couples.
  71. Schooling choices: Educate parents.
  72. Parenting 101: Most parents need help at some point.
  73. YouTube channel reviews: People love exploring new channels every single day.
  74. Viral videos: Feature internet memes.
  75. Funny interviews: Do some really crazy/creepy/spooky interviews with ordinary peeps and famous peeps.
  76. How to make YouTube videos: This is self-explanatory.
  77. Car repair and maintenance: People don’t visit a mechanic; instead, they go to YouTube when their cars break down.
  78. Financial planning 101: How to save and invest wisely.
  79. Gadget repair: Video demos on how to repair stuff at home.
  80. Communication tips: Many people (especially corporate employees) need help with their communication skills.
  81. Household repairs: For dads, moms, and kids.
  82. Home decoration: Make your homes look great again.
  83. Inspirational videos: Motivate depressed people.
  84. Dance tutorials: Teach dance steps in a step-by-step manner.
  85. Interesting gags: Skills in demand at parties and elsewhere.
  86. Language and grammar: Point out common mistakes that we all make.
  87. Soft skills: Many corporate employees lack the required soft skills.
  88. Technical skills: Mostly for STEM people.
  89. Time-lapse videos: These are really cool.
  90. Intercultural food blends: Create food items that never existed before.
  91. Architectural marvels: Let their eyes party.
  92. Mysterious places: Do some storytelling.
  93. Mysterious happenings: Dig into history.
  94. Odd facts: Tell them what’s so odd.
  95. Astronomy: Take them on a trip to outer space.
  96. Expose myths: Haven’t you seen Mythbusters?
  97. Unleash your creative side: Show something creative.
  98. Interviewing tips: Offer authentic training.
  99. Yoga videos: Physical and mental health for all.
  100. Manufacturing videos: Oddly satisfying videos for general entertainment.
  101. Legal advice: We all love free stuff that is also genuine.
  102. General advice: Choose a topic and share legitimate content.
  103. Latest news: Share details that are not available elsewhere.
  104. General entertainment: Just make sure it looks great.
  105. Fixes and solutions (for common problems): Just make sure you don’t BS.
  106. Digital skills: A must these days.
  107. Research 101 for Ph.D. students: Graduate students with bad thesis advisors can at least get something good from your channel.
  108. One story, multiple perspectives: Present the same story but with two strikingly different perspectives.
  109. VFX breakdown: Show them how it was made.
  110. Music creation videos: Teach people how to create great music using instruments or music software.
  111. Bestseller reviews: Owing to reduced attention spans, people nowadays prefer watching videos that present bestseller summaries.
  112. Life hacks: Demonstrate smart fixes.
  113. Fail videos: Showcase the funny side of things.
  114. Gardening tips: Share useful information on how to cultivate, when, and why.
  115. LIVE webinars: Who has time to attend seminars these days? People prefer webinars instead.
  116. LIVE videos: There’s so much fun in broadcasting something LIVE.
  117. Audio podcasts: You need not show any video at all. Just an image and high-quality audio would be more than sufficient.
  118. Science fiction: Make sure your stories are technically accurate.
  119. Non-profit organizations: Make videos in support of a cause.
  120. DIY videos: Save their money and time.
  121. Tips for entrepreneurs: Young people need to learn a lot of stuff from seasoned industry professionals.
  122. Online coursework: Great for both homemakers and industry professionals.
  123. Impactful 10-sec stories: Make videos that evoke positive emotions.
  124. Videos on topics not mentioned here.
  125. Videos on topics never covered before.

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