How to Launch Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Tips


Launching a new YouTube channel? Check out these tips now:

  • Have a central theme ready
  • What is your channel going to be about?
  • Comedy, horror, food, science, technology, …
  • What are you good at? Focus on it!
  • Buy a good video editing software
  • Learn video and audio editing
  • Design attractive banners and video thumbnails
  • Use music from YouTube’s FREE audio library
  • Focus on creating great content for your videos
  • Great content attracts lots of subscribers
  • Upload videos on a regular basis
  • Monitor the performance of your videos
  • Get acquainted with YouTube analytics
  • Check what is working and what isn’t
  • Use popular phrases in your video titles
  • Write elaborate descriptions for your videos
  • Use relevant tags for all of your videos
  • Do not use misguiding tags for your videos
  • Display multiple playlists on your home page
  • Use consistent design for all of your thumbnails
  • Follow YouTube’s community guidelines
  • Do not breach copyright laws ever
  • Enjoy making videos for your YouTube channel
  • Be creative and try out new things

Bonus tip: Do not prioritize equipment purchase (camera, lights, etc.). Focus on the content first. Once you feel confident, you can go ahead and buy the right equipment (high resolution video camera, green screen, studio lights, microphone, related software programs, etc.) for your YouTube channel.

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