Tips for Moving Sales

Sell Goods Fast


Moving to a new place? Check out these helpful tips to sell fast:

  • Upload at least 3 snaps per item
  • Post high resolution images only
  • For furniture, include dimensions
  • For appliances, include technical specifications
  • Do not ever post shabby photos
  • Clean all items and photograph in bright sunlight
  • Do not take photos at night
  • Make sure the lettering, if any, remains visible
  • Change the price as per the demand
  • Increase if item in demand, decrease if not
  • Never sell in a hurry to the first buyer
  • Avoid regrets; do not commit to anyone early on
  • Time your online announcement carefully
  • Post your advertisement at least 2 to 3 weeks before the date on which you plan to move to another place
  • Sell the dining table first, refrigerator last
  • Finish your sale at least 3 days before the move
  • Cash only! Avoid accepting payment online
  • Never reveal your apt. no. till the last moment
  • Talk to your prospective buyer over the phone
  • How people talk reveals a lot about their nature
  • Never reveal any personal information online
  • Avoid spam: Never post your phone number
  • When in doubt, sell in a public place
  • Avoid inviting strangers to see or buy at night

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