How to Prevent Swine Flu Infections

Swine Flu Update


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, thousands of people around the world die from various types of flu infections. It is possible to prevent flu infections to a certain extent by adopting the following precautionary measures. Get your annual flu shot, although it may not protect you against all types of flu viruses. Wash your hands for 20 s with copious amounts of soap water. Avoid touching your face with dirty hands. Stay away from people with active flu infections or flu-like symptoms. Avoid visiting crowded places, at least during the flu season. Stay at home when sick and do not engage in biological warfare by spreading the virus at work. Avoid kissing people; instead, give them a hug. Always carry a sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands after touching public items, shaking hands, or tying shoe laces. Nowadays, it is an acceptable social practice to sneeze into your elbow. This helps prevent the spread of the virus through hand shakes. You also need to sanitize your hands after touching personal items such as phones and laptop keyboards. You need to wash your hands after playing with your pet dog, cat, or pig. Check out the links below:

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