What Cannot Be Patented in India (हिंदी)

Not Patentable in India


क्या आप भारत में patent फाइल करना चाहते हो? तो फिर हमारा विडियो जरूर देखिये! in order to be able to file a patent application successfully in India, you must also know something about what is not patentable in India.

What cannot be patented in India (as of August 2017):

  • Frivolous or unnatural inventions (e.g., a process to delay sunrise!).
  • A potentially harmful invention (e.g., a product that facilitates copying during exams).
  • Discovery of a scientific principle (e.g., Kapoor’s sixth law).
  • The mere discovery of the new form of a known substance.
  • A substance obtained by mere admixture.
  • Mere re-arrangement of known devices (e.g., a cell phone wrapped in a cotton fabric).
  • Agricultural or horticultural methods.
  • Any medical or surgical treatment procedure.
  • Plants or animals in whole or part thereof.
  • Mathematical methods, business methods, and certain computer programs (this has been debated extensively in recent years!).
  • Certain forms of literary and artistic creations.
  • Mental acts, processes for playing games, etc.
  • Presentation of information.
  • Topography of integrated circuits.
  • Traditional knowledge.

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