How to Promote Conferences with Videos

Sample Event Promo Video


Organizing a conference? Need more registrations for your event? Have you made a promotional video yet? If not, then please watch this sample event promo video created by and place your first order with us today! Research clearly shows that videos can boost event participation by as much as 80% and shares by as much as 1,200%. We create conference promotion videos for as little as $75. Make sure you review this Videonium post as well:

Excerpt from the aforementioned post:

“Videos for workshops/conferences: Are you an event organizer? Does your team look forward to getting more registrations for an upcoming event? We have got you covered. We make call-to-action-based videos that can bring in the desired results. It is a known fact that getting enough registrations for any event is usually an uphill task. Most event organizers do not have sufficient time, training, or bandwidth to handle event promotions. However, this task can be significantly facilitated by creating powerful videos highlighting the benefits of attending a particular training workshop or (highly specialized) research conference.

Videos for research promotion/journal abstracts: At present, some of the world’s most prestigious journal publishers (Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, and Cell Press to name a few) have started asking researchers to submit video abstracts along with their manuscripts. The whole point of creating a video abstract/research promotion video is to effectively convey the central theme of your research publication to your target audience using a variety of engaging content presentation techniques (storytelling, voice-over, slide transitions, and copyright-free music just to name a few). At Videonium, we create videos that are not only authentic, but also engaging and impactful. When you ask us to create a video abstract/research promotion video for you, our team of dedicated researchers carefully reviews your research and ensures compliance with the stated requirements. A professionally created video abstract (or research promotion video) can help you get more visibility (and effectively more citations) using legitimate techniques. So why not give it a shot?”

Let us do the work for you. Boost your event registrations by embedding our custom event promo video on your conference webpage. Visit for pricing details.

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Need a professionally created video for promoting your next conference/workshop/seminar/event? Let help you.

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