Shocking Report on U.S. Gun Violence

U.S. Not Serious About Gun Control


  • University of Michigan researchers revealed shocking statistics in a recent report
  • According to the report, gun violence is still the second leading cause of fatalities among children/teenagers
  • The study analyzed 20,360 fatalities involving children/teenagers in the age group 1 to 19
  • Gun violence was found to be the cause in 3,140 children/teenagers
  • Vehicle accidents and cancer were the first and third most common causes respectively
  • The numbers reported are from the year 2016; gun violence continues to harm U.S. children/teenagers every year
  • The U.S. has not spent enough money on research that could help decrease firearm-related fatalities
  • It remains to be seen whether these numbers have increased in 2018
  • Is Trump listening at all or is he busy with his insane Twitter rhetoric?

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Publication link:

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