Funny New Year Resolutions (2019)

Happy 2019


Need a list of new year resolutions for 2019? Sure, why not? Check out this fantastic list of funny new year resolves. Make sure you implement at least some of them in the year 2019. Wish you a Happy New Year. Make sure you check out our other videos too.

List of Resolutions for 2019

  • Check out the girl next door more often
  • Prepare a chart of her daily activities
  • Follow her to the gym every single day
  • Spend less time on Tinder and more on talking to your neighbor
  • Consult the FEDEX database and find her real name
  • Cut down on pizza, but order pizza for your hot neighbor
  • Check if she has a boyfriend and bribe him
  • Check if she is straight; if not, then bribe her girlfriend
  • Ask if you could borrow her phone number (because you lost yours)
  • Capture her dog, locate it for her, and then add her to FB

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