Funny Santa Facts | Xmas Comedy

Lesser Known Facts About Santa


  • Santa is always featured as a white guy
  • This is slightly unfair to women and people of color
  • Also, Santa is never portrayed as a Mexican visitor
  • Santa is moderately obese and at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Are there no gyms in his home town? May be he should walk briskly instead of riding his sleigh
  • Santa is not an equal opportunities employer; he only hires reindeer to pull his transportation vehicle
  • Santa never routes his gifts through e-commerce websites
  • Why does Santa hide his gifts inside socks? I mean.. there are plenty of more hygienic places to hide them
  • Does Santa possess a U.S. green card?
  • What does Santa say to Customs & Border Protection when he crosses the U.S. border?
  • How much sales tax does Santa pay on his purchased goods? (Hint: It’s 8.875% in New York)
  • Does Santa have a secret girlfriend? Wait.. what? He has two?

Published as a research article in Santa Proceedings.

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