Fantastic Management Tips for Corporate Leaders

Bestseller Review


Purchased a copy of Steve Siebold’s bestseller titled “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class”; would strongly recommend it to industry professionals. Every single tip is about a page long and brilliantly presented! Steve has been interviewed by the Wall Street JournalForbesFortune, and USA Today. Make sure you buy your copy today! #Leadership #Management #Quotes #Inspiration #Bestseller



My favorite tips from the bestseller (covered under fair use for review/commentary):

  1. Champions either win or learn; they never fail!
  2. World-class performers enjoy adversity and consider it the ultimate catalyst for mental growth.
  3. Amateurs motivate teams through logic, whereas professional performers motivate teams through (positive) emotion.
  4. Champions never care about who gets the credit.
  5. World-class performers love learning and are coachable.
  6. Creativity and fear cannot co-exist. They never do in the mind of a champion.
  7. World-class managers know that effort and compensation do not always go hand in hand. Certain tasks reap huge benefits years after they get accomplished.
  8. The great ones know the power of conversation. They also know that it is a dialogue, not a monologue. Champions are world-class communicators and equally fantastic listeners.
  9. Champions love what they do and prefer being enthusiastic.
  10. Great achievers create positive environments for themselves and for their teams.
  11. Champions aren’t in the business of protecting their egos; they’re in the business of learning, growing, and becoming.
  12. Amateurs are controlled by their fears; great achievers embrace fear and then conquer it.
  13. Amateurs live in the past. World-class performers focus on the present and positively look forward to a fantastic future!
  14. The average employee accepts; the champion questions.
  15. Outsiders see achievers as dedicated souls with extraordinary capabilities. A closer look gives a more accurate portrayal of what really drives these people: fun! Champions have more fun at work than any other group.
  16. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attitude of the strong (tip no. 58 quotes Mahatma Gandhi).
  17. Professional performers generate universal ideas.
  18. World-class leaders are like chameleons. They can adapt to absolutely any situation.
  19. Champions believe in change, audacity, teamwork, time management, self-respect, emotional intelligence, work ethic, interdependence, diet, and exercise.
  20. Great managers have great dreams. However, none of them are delusional.
  21. World-class leaders consider mistakes as company assets; to be recorded and duly avoided in the future.
  22. Champions engage in meaningful networking.
  23. Top performers do not constantly seek the approval of others.
  24. The great ones often seek solitude to recharge their creative minds. They also consult their mentors.
  25. Professional achievers easily spot opportunities and brainstorm to convert them into successful ventures.
  26. Champions praise others lavishly and do so more often to bring out the best.
  27. Great managers know how to program their teams.
  28. Champions respond; amateurs react!
  29. Champions simplify; amateurs do the opposite.
  30. Champions have a fantastic sense of humor 🙂

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