YouTube Rewind 2018’s Funny Parody

Unwind 2018


Videonium’s hilarious parody of YouTube Rewind 2018. We systematically analyzed the original video before uploading this funny parody. It was an uphill task actually, but we hope that you enjoy watching this comedy video and end up sharing it with your friends (and/or your ex) today! Do check out Videonium’s collated list of the top comments posted below the original Rewind 2018 video.

  • Most hilarious comments posted below YouTube’s Rewind 2018 video:“The comments are way more interesting than the video.”
  • “I think YouTube forgot that they have some viewers older than 13.”
  • “I am 7 and I disliked the video.”
  • “If you turn off the sound and pause the video, then it’s actually not that bad.”
  • “Wasted 3:00 minutes of my life; then decided to use the remaining 5:13 for something meaningful.”
  • “Wait…who are these people?”
  • “People who liked it also believe that the earth is flat.”
  • “Sounded to me like a boring school lecture.”
  • “Is it an annual compilation of the worst things in that year? If so, then they nailed it!”
  • “I had sub-zero expectations for 2018 and I still somehow got disappointed.”
  • “The Russians rigged it.”
  • “Posting under influence (PUI). It’s a federal felony.”
  • “I know who made this video. Trump.”
  • “Is this a horror movie trailer?”
  • “Let’s watch Rewind 2013.”
  • “People who disliked it watched it with their phones upside down. Not fair.”

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