Top 30 Tips for Eliminating Stress

Are you feeling stressed out and tired? Check these tips and eliminate your stress within 24 hours!

Tips on How to Eliminate Stress

  • Let your face not be grumpy! Smile and laugh more often
  • Create positive environments and use your sense of humor
  • Always speak the truth and heavily encourage transparency
  • Present a different view by all means, but do so politely and with a smile on your face
  • Remember that honest appreciation works like magic
  • Be cheerful and avoid getting angry
  • If there is a genuine reason to get angry, then at least channelize your anger to do something meaningful. Do not kill yourself/others
  • Is worrying going to fix things? Not at all!
  • There is absolutely no shame in apologizing when you are genuinely wrong
  • However, it does not make sense to apologize when you are right. Move on!
  • Sharpen your listening skills; stress-free people listen carefully
  • Listen carefully and plan your response
  • Respond using your brain power, but NEVER react!
  • Adjust to your surroundings, but move on if they are too toxic
  • Engage in charity and volunteer for your community
  • Attend music concerts, public events, and socialize
  • Adopt a meaningful hobby (music, gardening, YouTube, etc.)
  • Explore your creative side to add to the fun
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle; do not drink, smoke, or do drugs
  • Never play politics with others; it will harm your body/mind
  • Never misguide, insult, exploit, or cheat
  • Travel to scenic locations; there are so many on this planet!
  • Visit theme parks to enjoy the mind-boggling thrill rides
  • Have healthy sex with your spouse to boost your happiness
  • If you are single, then masturbate moderately
  • Physical needs are ok, but one must also rise to higher levels
  • Engage in intellectual activities, but do so using motivation (not stress!) as your engine fuel
  • Eat well, sleep well, exercise daily, and spread the joy!
  • Visit a psychiatrist if you are unable to manage your stress
  • Practice Yoga and meditation. Visit India (भारत) for training
  • If you adopt smart these strategies, you will NEVER feel stressed

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