Why No #PewDiePie in YouTube Rewind 2018?

#YouTubeRewind2018 taught PewDiePie a lesson one more time by not inviting him to the YouTubeRewind2018 video shoot. Well done YouTube! The juvenile PewDiePie (however) simply refuses to show any signs of intellectual growth. He has consistently been directing offensive comments towards people from across races using nonsensical stereotypes and discriminatory slurs. YouTube had previously penalized PewDiePie by retracting his YouTube Red privileges.

Do you know the top 6 (legitimate) reasons why YouTube Rewind 2018 preferred NOT to showcase #pewdiepie?

  • Making anti-Semitic comments and dressing up like a Na** dictator
  • Using racial slurs in the name of comedy
  • Directing sexist comments towards female YouTubers
  • Making fun of people fighting legitimate mental exhaustion
  • Motivating his fans to (indirectly) commit mischief
  • Posting a mean video against his competition (not that his competition cares, but still..)

To offset the above, he makes tiny donations once in a while or simply asks others to donate (tiny, considering the fact that he is a Forbes-listed millionaire. Will he ever donate 50% of his salary for a genuine cause? Seems unlikely..). In fact, industry experts tend to believe that PewDiePie is making use of this artificially created “charity project” to drastically increase his YouTube subscriptions. If #PewDiePie is so much into charity, then Videonium has a quick question for him: Why create a controversy by posting inflammatory YouTube videos, launch an artificial charity campaign, and eventually end up benefiting from it? Shrewd strategies, aren’t they?

Both Google Preferred and Disney disengaged with him for the aforementioned (legitimate) reasons.

Call to action (CTA): Let only the truth prevail! सत्यमेव जयते! Forward this to your network now and subscribe to T-Series’ YouTube channel immediately.

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