Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer in Rats

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently published a technical report highlighting a clear association between high doses of 2G/3G radio frequency radiation and cancer in rats. To learn more, check out this video now.

Video Transcript

  • Research carried out at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (USA)
  • Laboratory experiments were performed on mice and rats of both genders
  • The animals were exposed to high doses of radio frequency radiation in this USD 30 million NIH study
  • There was a clear association between the high doses of 2G/3G radio frequency radiation and cancer in male rats
  • Male rats exposed to high levels of radiation developed cancerous heart tumors and brain/adrenal tumors
  • However, it is not clear whether NIEHS carried out experiments using radiation levels prevalent in day-to-day life
  • It is also not clear whether this study has any implications for cell phone usage
  • Is the telecommunications industry deliberately encouraging studies that cannot be used to draw any meaningful conclusions?
  • Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to minimize your cell phone usage and use a hands-free headset to reduce radiation exposure
  • Original NTP (NIEHS/NIH) 2G/3G technical reports: https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/go/tr596 & https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/go/tr595
  • Other NTP (NIEHS/NIH) technical reports: https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/results/pubs/list/index.html?type=Technical+Report

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