Protein Causes >33% Fat Loss in Mice

A research team lead by Georgetown University biomedical researchers has made a startling discovery using mouse models. To learn more, check out this video and share it with your network today.

Video Transcript

  • Researchers: Elena Tassi, Khalid A. Garman, Marcel O. Schmidt, Xiaoting Ma, Khaled W. Kabbara, Aykut Uren, York Tomita, Regina Goetz, Moosa Mohammadi, Christopher S. Wilcox, Anna T. Riegel, Mattias Carlstrom, and Anton Wellstein
  • The forced expression of a protein in a laboratory strain of obese mice showed a remarkable reduction of their fat mass
  • The protein FGFBP3 (BP3) modulates fat and glucose metabolism in mouse models of metabolic syndrome
  • In obese mice, the expression of exogenous BP3 reduced hyperglycemia, hepatosteatosis, and weight gain
  • The research team concluded that BP3 could be used to reverse the pathology associated with metabolic syndrome
  • According to Dr. Anton Wellstein, eight BP3 treatments over 18 days caused over 33% fat reduction in obese mice
  • The BP3 protein treatment also reduced blood sugar in obese mice to a significant extent
  • Further studies would be required to assess the BP3 effect on human subjects
  • Publication link:

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