Casino Lights & Sounds Boost Risk-Taking

Latest research shows that Casino lights and sounds can encourage patrons to take more risks. To learn more, make sure you check this video and go through the research publication.

Video Transcript

  • Researchers: M. V. Cherkasova, L. Clark, J. J. S. Barton, M. Schulzer,
    M. Shafiee, A. Kingstone, A. J. Stoessl, and C. A. Winstanley
  • Casino lights and sounds can encourage patrons to gamble more according to University of British Columbia researchers
  • Rats were willing to take risks when food rewards were accompanied by flashing lights and sounds
  • To validate it in humans, the UBC researchers performed trials on 100 volunteers
  • Eye-tracker technology showed that warnings about the low odds of winning were clearly being ignored by the volunteers
  • Volunteers got more excited when winning outcomes were coupled with sensory cues
  • In the absence of sensory cues, volunteers engaged less in risk-taking
  • Publication link:

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