Americans Averse to Strength Training

Startling study reveals that almost 3 out of 4 Americans may not be fully complying with public health guidelines on muscle-strengthening exercises. To learn more, check out this video. Make sure you go through the research paper as well.

Researchers: J. A. Bennie, D. Lee, A. Khan, G. H. Wiesner, A. E. Bauman, E. Stamatakis, and S. J. H. Biddle

Scientists analyzed data on more than 397,000 participants

Previous research has shown that muscle-strengthening exercises (MSEs) have significant health benefits

Yet, almost 6 out of 10 participants were not doing any muscle strengthening exercises at all

Almost 75% of the surveyed participants were not fully complying with public health guidelines on MSEs

The study has major health implications and is expected to serve as a wake-up call to many U.S.-based couch potatoes

Non-compliance with public health guidelines can also put pressure on the already broken U.S. healthcare system

Publication link:

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