Taller People More Prone to Cancer?

According to a Univ. of California (Riverside) researcher, taller individuals are more susceptible to cancers, most notably skin cancer.

Video transcript

Tall individuals have more cell divisions. More cell divisions = higher risk of cancer! Men taller; therefore, at a higher risk for cancer than women. The study also found a strong relationship between height and skin cancer (presumably because taller individuals have higher levels of the hormone IGF-1). So then, are elephants at an extremely high risk for cancer? Not really! Reason: Large-sized animals probably evolved with additional mechanisms for cancer suppression. Takeaway message If you are tall, you need to decrease your other risk factors for cancer (e.g., smoking, drinking, etc.). By the way, even short people should decrease the usual risk factors associated with cancer.

Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Link: http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/285/1889/20181743

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