Top 10 Tips for Managers & Leaders

Are you a manager or a corporate leader? Do you want your team to perform really well? Make sure you go through these resourceful tips today!

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Smart Tips

Use genuine appreciation to motivate team.

Share suggestions, but only after due acknowledgement. Example: “That’s a good idea, but how about this?”

Never point fingers or bully/blame team members during meetings. Appreciate in public, mentor in private.

Keep meetings short and simple. Use common sense.

Use humor to spice up your meetings. Do not schedule unnecessary meetings.

Be a resourceful mentor to your team members.

Never point fingers or blame people using mass emails and the cc/bcc options.

Engage in occasional small talk. Example: “Hey, nice weather today. How was your weekend?”

Refrain from making personal comments and never behave inappropriately. Example: “Hey, nice perfume. Let’s kiss.”

Challenge the team through motivation to bring out the best! Create a positive work environment.

Guide, plan, advise, and strategize, but never micromanage!

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