Top 10 Credit Card Security Tips

Worried about the safety of your VISA/Mastercard/AMEX credit cards? Protect your credit cards using these smart tips! Prevent credit card fraud by sharing this resourceful video with your network.

Smart Tips:

Never reveal credit card numbers/CVV to strangers.
Purchase only from trusted/encrypted (https) websites.
Install anti-malware programs on your laptop/smart phone.
Never save credit card numbers in your internet browser.
Check your credit report at least once every year.
Never let the card go out of your sight.
Save the phone number used for reporting credit card loss/theft.
Report credit card loss/theft immediately.
Avoid sharing your credit card with your girlfriend (optional).
Beware of skimming machines/hidden cameras.
Bonus tip: Never carry too many credit cards in your wallet.

Warning: Too many credit cards? The interest will kill you!

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