Why Are Businesses Not Making Videos?


In the previous abstract, we mentioned something about how important it is to create meaningful videos for selling products, services, event tickets, etc. The reason why many businesses or event organizers have zero presence on YouTube is because they do not know where exactly to start. However, this decision is really easy to take. All you need to worry about is the video script. The rest can be taken care of by industry professionals like us. At times, you could do it yourself too. A script basically highlights the elements that need to go into the actual video. Elements could include monologues, dialogues, types of characters, actions, details about the background scenery, details about the background score, special instructions, things to avoid, etc. The list below describes the types of videos that can get you good leads for your business or event. Need examples of good service, product, or event videos? Read our next abstract to find out the answer.

Popular Video Types

  • Whiteboard animations: No camera required. Yes, that’s correct! All you need is a software for animating the finalized video script. Powtoon and Vyond are two popular platforms for creating whiteboard animations.
  • Spokesperson videos: These videos are created by professional freelancers for a fee. These could be shot using a green screen/blue screen or any other background of choice. However, it is indeed critical to choose a truly professional spokesperson for all such videos. The hired spokesperson must connect well with the audience and he/she should be able to speak very clearly.
  • Story-based videos: These videos include one or more fictitious character(s) and they narrate a story that the target audience can relate to very easily. Story-based videos are generally made using animated characters (e.g., “Meet Jacob. He has been trying to sell tickets to his music concert all day long without much success. Let’s share some useful tips with him!”). Story-based videos can be made using animation platforms such as Powtoon and Vyond. They could also be made using professional actors.

Sample Video


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