Why Make Videos for Your Business?



According to an Alexa.com report, YouTube is by far the second most searched platform on the internet. Millions of digital users from across the globe search for custom solutions on YouTube every single minute. Surprisingly, many businesses have zero presence on YouTube and most of the content they post remains restricted to websites/blogs or to other social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter. According to content marketing experts, engaging videos that deliver the key message effectively  generate 1,200% more shares than text-based blogs or content-rich images. In other words, if you spend $1,000 on designing a professional-looking website or blog with plenty of attractive images, it won’t get you enough eyeballs unless and until you add engaging videos to your agenda. Why then, are businesses not cashing on this fantastic opportunity? Read our next abstract to find out the answer.

Smart Tips

  • Note down what your product or service will offer to prospective clients.
  • Identify your business strengths (e.g., global outreach, deep understanding of client requirements, highly qualified product managers, etc.).
  • Identify your unique offerings (features/services that your competing brand does not offer).
  • Identify one or more problem areas and tell prospective clients how your business can offer smart solutions.
  • Make an engaging video by incorporating all of the above!

Sample Video